EXTREME 3D PRO, thoroughly disappointed

A few days ago, I picked up my first ever joystick,logitech extreme 3d pro. My experience with it has been thoroughly disappointed. I have a few major problem when using it.

  1. The stick is quite loose and won’t return to neutral position. This creates a huge dead zone and stops me from controlling the plane freely. Detailed info could be found here.
  2. The throttle is awkward to use due to its position.
  3. Forward movement of stick is awkward due to its angle.

Is Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X a better product at this price range? I don’t know because I don’t have one. But from the little research I did today, I believe it is.

Will I buy another joystick? Maybe, maybe not.

For the first one, I’ve never had this issue. Remember this could only be faults with you joystick in perticular. I’ve never had this issue, and I’ve had mine for over three years.


Maybe, but at least it is not a rare case.

I’ve never heard anyone complain about the following facts. I’d say it is a rare case.

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I guess the title is quite biased&clickbait, I would change it.

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FULLY agree with you , the stick is kinda loose and it make me setting dead zone to make it able to be used,I was quite disappointed since it ruined my gaming experience . But i think it is already a high CP stick for a tryout

I seldom use my stick now

Btw, I have the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X and it is great. You can adjust the sensitivity on that, which is useful.

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REFUND. then get another and see if it has the same issues