Extra waypoints showing in LiveFlight

I’ve noticed this a few times recently when tracking mine and others in the VA I fly with…

Right now I’m on a flight from EHAM-OMDB, my route was planned using FPLtoIF and shows correctly in the map in IF. For some reason LiveFlight has added a VOR station just off Hong Kong in to the list, meaning distance and time to destination are waaaaaaaay off!


Is it just me, or has anyone else had similar issues?

Did you get the same waypoint in your flight plan when you loaded it in?

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I think it’s a glitch…as sometimes waypoints are similar!

I always see this issue on LiveFlight

but @Cameron is the person to contact

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No, I double checked the plan on FPLtoIF and once pasted into the Map route - both are the same/correct. It’s only when it’s been pulled into the app through the Live API from what I can tell.

This is an issue because there are more than one waypoint in the world which has the same name. It may be frustrating and not aesthetically pleasing to look at, but after you have flown over the waypoint after the glitchy one, it disappears. I believe Cam made a system which detects some rogue waypoints but it still isn’t full proof.


That happened to me too back when we had the UPS vs FedEx flyout!

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