Extra Small Runways @ VILH

What grade I need to acces this runway? V1! 40knts!! V2! 45knots!!! Rotate!!! ;)


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Lol okay this looks kinda fun, get the Super D out!


Try touch and go. Must be easy.

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If you want to have a lot of fun with T/G go to AK74

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I will be the only person in the world doing touch and go with space shuttle stuck in my back.

On a serious note, I did some research and it looks like runways 07/25 and 06/24are both genuine, super small runways. I have no idea what they’re used for, but I’m not sure how much you’ll find as it’s an Air Force Base as well as a commercial airport. Here’s what I found.


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That runway is just a helipad… what do you call them… a long helipad. But it’s used for helicopters not airplanes.
Maybe something like this type of helicopter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_CH-47_Chinook


i can see only one in satilite map. Anyways mod can close this now.

The airfield is a autogenerated one in IF. Those have Helicopter Runways if they are in the Airports public data.
An editor is already working on this airport, you can expect this „issue“ been solved when he has finished it.

That is way to long be consider a helipad, more of a runway is appropriate

It has runway number and H in it, let’s call it run-pad or heli-way.

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As I said above. It is a „Helicopter Runway“. That’s the correct name, not “heli-whatever’s your creativity says“.
And it will be taken away if the Airport is edited.

So weird seeing these, I have yet to see one in person kinda cool actually

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