Extra liveries & planes, new features and lighting issues


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to do my best to address each individual section. :)

We have community votes in place so users can put a vote towards what they want to see, this helps the development team see what new features are being most requested and have the most support. I’d highly suggest putting a vote in the topics I’ve linked below.

Aircraft Feature Requests

Boeing 737 MAX Series

Airbus A320neo Family

Boeing 727-200

Boeing 737-200
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-500
Boeing 737-600

All liveries exist in feature requests. The Super Air Jet A320 has been confirmed to release in a future update. As mentioned by others, it would be very difficult to add community-made liveries into the game. Similar to 3D airports, they would all need to be reviewed and approved before being released to the public, as well as other factors that affect the way the simulator can present other companies and content.

Livery Feature Requests

Pelita Air | A320-214 | PK-PWC
Lion Air Boeing 737-800
Sriwijaya Air B737-800 (8K5)
Batik Air Boeing 737-800

This could be very easily abused, and for every user to gain a free subscription is not a good way for the business to the gain money needed to support Pro features. :)

Rendering 20,000+ objects at a 3D airport, the atmosphere and scenery, aircraft, lighting and many more assets at a high quality gets a bit much for users with an older low-performance phone. It’s not impossible to see this feature in the future, although reflective lights is something which will demand a lot of performance, and won’t be efficient on a 12-year old application, until the game engine is reworked. See below for more information.

We also have feature requests below for some of the mentioned lighting.

I hope this helps support some of your queries with the feedback. :)