Extra liveries & planes, new features and lighting issues

Hi everyone, hopefully everyone can agree with the ideas I have!

•New Planes
The planes should be seperated like the 737 max as it is currently just inside the 737-800 currently. The same thing with the A320 family like the A320 neo. The 727 family, 737-200, 300, 400 and 500 is missing from the simulator and they should be added into the game
•New Liveries
The 737-800 is missing the Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air and Batik Air liveries while the Airbus A320 is missing the Super Air Jet and Pelita Air. There should be another app where you can make your own liveries so the entire game has more character to it.
•New Features
One of the features I have in mind is the Birthday Feature. Basically, the player tell the month and date of their birthday and every single time it happens, the game could let the players get pro for free as a congratulations. I think that could attract so many people to the game and get interested. More parts of the world should be free and the current ones already free should be bigger so the 747 actually doesn’t become pointless. Also, the LA area and the Hawaii area has an ocean seperating it and that should be unlocked so it can be passed by players that don’t have pro but want to have a KLAX->PNHL flight.
•Lighting Issues
The game has some lighting issues unlike RFS which has an advanced light systems. The landing lights don’t light anything up and the nav light, beacon and strobes doesn’t even get seen on the ground so night flying in the game isn’t so good because of this issue

Hopefully these suggestions will become a reality and the more the 3d airports, the better. The game is already great, there is nearly nothing to complain about other than the graphics of the ground, no global flying and still a pretty limited plane selection. The planes that are free are very high considering RFS with only 3 planes and X-Plane 10 with only 2 planes. Good luck developers, I hope Infinite Flight will develop into a massive game just like MSFS, FSX, Prepar3d, etc.

You can vote for that on certain topics

First of all I’m pretty sure being able to make your own liveries would be a giant storage problem and the game would work wayyyyyy slower

Second of all the lighting can’t be done right now though might see it once project metal is done

And for your livery requests you could vote for them to see them happen

And lastly for all the planes they’re missing for a reason that is it would take a very I mean very long time maybe 10 or more years for all of them to be added so the devs have to pick the most popular variants which are most likely going to be used the most

It’s just lighting that’s missing in the game

There are many topics where you can vote for features such as planes, liveries and more. Regarding the custom liveries, I doubt that will be implemented anytime soon as we’ve already got a massive range of unique liveries on each unique aircraft and the risk of trolls creating foul livery designs would be a big problem.

I don’t believe I’d just stop at lighting…. I’d say the glitches need fixing, the spontaneous flash ring that happens, connection to live server, Airports not loading properly, Airplanes not loading,I definitely can keep going lol


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to do my best to address each individual section. :)

We have community votes in place so users can put a vote towards what they want to see, this helps the development team see what new features are being most requested and have the most support. I’d highly suggest putting a vote in the topics I’ve linked below.

Aircraft Feature Requests

Boeing 737 MAX Series

Airbus A320neo Family

Boeing 727-200

Boeing 737-200
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-500
Boeing 737-600

All liveries exist in feature requests. The Super Air Jet A320 has been confirmed to release in a future update. As mentioned by others, it would be very difficult to add community-made liveries into the game. Similar to 3D airports, they would all need to be reviewed and approved before being released to the public, as well as other factors that affect the way the simulator can present other companies and content.

Livery Feature Requests

Pelita Air | A320-214 | PK-PWC
Lion Air Boeing 737-800
Sriwijaya Air B737-800 (8K5)
Batik Air Boeing 737-800

This could be very easily abused, and for every user to gain a free subscription is not a good way for the business to the gain money needed to support Pro features. :)

Rendering 20,000+ objects at a 3D airport, the atmosphere and scenery, aircraft, lighting and many more assets at a high quality gets a bit much for users with an older low-performance phone. It’s not impossible to see this feature in the future, although reflective lights is something which will demand a lot of performance, and won’t be efficient on a 12-year old application, until the game engine is reworked. See below for more information.

We also have feature requests below for some of the mentioned lighting.

I hope this helps support some of your queries with the feedback. :)


You do have that.

It’s not inside, It’s not an aircraft we have in game. Would be nice if the developers could just flick a wand, and the 737Max, NEO, A380 etc. was there all suddenly, but not realistic.

A lot of what you mentioned is missing, is included if you’re willing to spend like 10 usd a month (Or one very large coffee at Starbucks) As a business student, I can tell you, giving free stuff away is a decision that’s sure to knock you out of business long term, thus not making IF as big as some of the other simulators you mentioned.


Idk how to do it

I mean, its just one single day. I dont know how that could get abused

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I think people can abuse it by making a new account and setting their birthday to the day he created the account, And them doing that everyday
Although it’s good intentions things nowadays get abused easily but I see what you mean

Amen and amen on your post🙏🙏

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