Extra Grade 3 Requirements

Ok, All Of is Grade 3 Players Have Been At it, Seeing A Player On The Expert Server acting like a Grade 0 (not a typo) , and that is because more and more people are taking summer vacation and have more time to play Infinite Flight thus getting more landings and XP, and when they’re Grade three they just jump onto the ES but have no clue what they are doing

How To Fix It

Well it’s pretty simple, like joining a VA you need to pass a written test, and some require practical, so if the Devs can implement a test that you can select at anytime to take, it would make the ES way more “Experty

What Will happen to all current grade 3/4/5 players?

Well, All these players will be downgraded to Grade 2, and at anytime they want, They can select “Take Test” and the test begins

I think this will be a great feature that will change the ES forever, all that needs to be done, is to ask players about stuff in the tutorials pages

I don’t think it’s fair to put all the pressure on the devs. Plus being a Grade 5 pilot myself I can say that many other grade 4 and 5 act extremely professionally and so I don’t think it’s necessary. In my opinion and I don’t like it and I feel offended by the statement “All these players will be downgraded to Grade 2” as I have worked hard to achieve this goal. Your problem is just like with any career or job. There will always be people who cut corners and don’t behave.


But some don’t, and that’s the idea

Some, very few grade 3 pilots. That’s why there is a ghosting system.


Yeah…thats not gonna happen…


Agreed, not Grade 3+ pilot would accept.

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Hey, guys, if you don’t like this feature, don’t vote for it

I like the concept, but I think it’s flawed. Yes it’s true, there are quite a few grade 3 pilots that act unprofessionally and have no idea what they’re doing. But that’s what the reporting system is for - ATC can monitor these pilots and send them to the relevant help pages hopefully to get them to learn from their mistakes. Ghosting ensures these pilots do not affect others too much.

I think it’s fine to allow them onto the expert server and give them a taste of what it’s like, and if they choose to act immaturely, they accept their punishment and hopefully learn. This shouldn’t be something the devs have to be responsible for.

As with every community, there will always be toxic and trolling people out there, and unfortunately there’s no way to fully eradicate them. I think the current system does a decent enough job of keeping them away, and the IFC, by comparison to other communities, is full of many other helpful and kind mentors that can help those that do want to learn.

And anyway, can a “test” really solve this problem? What should it be on? Should it be multiple choice? If so, there would be far too much of a luck factor involved and wouldn’t sort out the problem. If it contained long answer questions, who would mark the thousands of responses that they would receive each day? Developers simply don’t have the time and effort to take out of their day to attempt to do this.

Not trying to insult your feature request, you can go ahead and continue to push it if you please. I just don’t think this would be a worthwhile thing to pursue for the developers when they can focus on implementing new and exciting features into the game GO A350!


O agree you, but i dont think its the best resulution.

Not true. I’ve seen grade 4/5 pilots fly worse than some grade 3’s.


Man, that would be so mean to all those Grade 5 pilots that have worked hard to reach that grade! I agree with you @anon70772274, the ghosting system on ES is there for a reason.

So, all those 200 landings I performed to reach grade 5 will become obsolete? I think not.

Isn’t it 750 😂

I said most - not all.

200 within 90 days. I don’t know the other limit.

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That’s a no from me

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I see your point, but I dont think a test is necessary. The training server is turning into Causal and I think the Training server should have more report warnings for the ATC. I was controlling Tower at EGLL earlier. Within 30 mins, I had at least 3 aircraft saying ‘on runway 09R, full stop’ (27’s were active). They all ignored my go around requests and pattern work. I had an A380 doing touch and goes on 27L. I told him at least 5 times both in misc and broadcasting ‘NO PATTERN WORK’. I get this isnt Expert, but they were all Grade 3 with over 100,000xp. There needs to be a higher restriction somehow on using closed runways or ignoring serious ATC requests*

*Serious meaning experienced ATC who know roughly what they are saying, and not spamming to get on their frequency for example.

The grade isnt the matter, but surely with a lot of experience in the game you should know very basic rules.

Honestly, Grade and actual skill aren’t linear in Infinite Flight. We’ve seen some of the worse pilots on the Expert Server be a Grade 5 and some of the best, most responsible and sensible pilots be a Grade 3.

Thanks for the ideas though. If able the goal is to direct users to IFC for tutorials and assistance.