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I’m somewhat new to IF (I reached grade 3 about 6 weeks ago) and was wondering how much extra fuel I should normally have. I usually put about 45mins - 1hr extra fuel on short hauls, 1hr - 1.5hrs for medium haul and 2 - 3 hrs for long haul. Am I doing this remotely correctly? What am I doing wrong? Let me know what you do! Thanks!

Looks fine to me, Id take quite a lot more if flying into a HUB airport Staffed by IFATC or during peak FNF hours.
I hope you enjoy your stay on the expert server!

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I pack about an hour for every flight,

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I had never thought about bringing more when go arounds, or holding patterns are more likely. Thanks for the help!

In my opinion, your doing great, but I feel like like your using a little too much for your long haul flights. You should try SimBrief. It is a great flight planner and quite easy too use. It’ll give you all the necessary info for your flight. I usually add 30-90 minutes of extra fuel.


Great, thank you so much

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I am always scared of running out of fuel when I fly so I add about 4 hours on long hauls and 2 hours on short and medium hauls

Also, when flying into busy IFATC controlled airports, I take a little more fuel than I usually would except for long hauls

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