Extra buttons for my joystick(is it evan possible)

hello!!i recently started using map-connect instead of live flight connect for my joystick. And i use this extra small joystick for flaps while using live flight connect61SkBrrcCPL.AC_SX569

but map-connect sees it as an axis, so is it possible that i could buy another extra board with buttons and use that as well as the t.flight hotas x.
if so could you recommend one?

thank you!

(is it even possible) *

you can fix this by just removing the axis
then put that for the flaps
then do the axis for a different button

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ummm yes but how do i remove the axis

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You want to go to the commands
then find the axis command, click it, then press Delete

Is it in IF?

Imma shoot you a PM


@FLIGHT2 I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying here but I think you may have misunderstood the question.

If I’m reading this right, you’d like to use that mini-joystick to control trim but it’s showing in MapFlight as an axis, correct? If so, that’s something that will need to be taken up with the MapFlight developers, as you cannot change an axis to a button on a joystick.

You see, the way these things work is that two types of signals are transmitted via your joystick cable. The first one, for buttons is what’s called a boolean value - it can only be set to true when the button is being pressed and false when it is not. Axis on the other hand transmit number values. These can range from 1 which is fully forward/left to -1 which is fully backward or right, with 0 naturally being sent when there is not input to the axis.

All this information is hard coded to the joystick, so unless there’s some sort of manufacturer program to change this (which I highly doubt) it would be something that the folks at Map Studios would need to implement on their end.

Hope this makes sense!

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all good now i am just using live flight connect for the buttons that don’t work!!

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Can i use 2 apps for the same joystick? Wouldn’t that cause a conflict with each other especially the axes?

not if you only use live flight connect or the other app for the buttons that are not assigned on the other app

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