EXTRA BUTTER Landing at Frankfurt!

Hey guys! I made a very buttery landing with the Lufty A320 at Frankfurt Am Main Airport earlier today. Hope you liked this one!

Flight details

Date: 4th June 2022
Departure time: 0400Z
Arrival time: 0457Z
Flight time: 56 minutes
Departure airport: Hamburg, Germany (EDDH)
Arrival airport: Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Livery: Lufthansa (2018 livery)
Server: Expert
Departure runway: 33
Arrival runway: 07R
Starting parking: Gate 4B
Arrival parking: Gate A28
Cruising altitude: FL340
Cruising speed: M0.77

Rate the smoothness of this landing!
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  • 69420

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WoW butter !

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There’s no option for 42069 smh 😤

Jk, very buttery landing! @Swiss would be proud of you


ill be rating based on three things

  • smoothness
  • centerline
  • accuracy

smoothness: 8/10 very good, could have flared a little better though. also, nose touchdown was terrible.

centerline: 10/10 great centerline!

accuracy: 7/10 a little late, but pretty average accuracy for an A320.


That looks like an APPR landing…I don’t think it’s manual…

But if it manual is that was a great landing.


It’s manual, I only use APPR for capturing glideslope then disengage the AP when around 4nm away from runway.

The nose gear on A320 series likes to smash itself in IF. It’s just a thing in IF.

Btw, what’s the overall score for this landing?

8.5/10 (char)

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What a greaser that was!

Rated 1 for using the word butter



I’m sorry

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I think theres a better way to define that landing. I dont think butter is enough to describe that.

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Nice landing. I think I’ll give it a solid 69420/10.

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