Extra ATC Communication options for Pilots

As we know, pilots are the final authority in the operation of an aircraft, but also needs to be very clear with ATC about what he is thinking while trying to successfully complete a flight, to avoid violations and in this sim, ghosting.

If there is one thing I’ve noticed, I think pilots don’t have enough approach communication options to be on the same page with ATC, which can lead to pilots not following instructions. ATC has more options (and rightfully so), but I think pilots need some more for approach.

For example, if the pilot can have at his disposal options, such as “request change in heading”, and “please repeat instruction”, which can then be followed up with “unable” and/or “unable, stand by”, can allow ATC to give the pilots a chance to request a specific heading which they can approve/deny.

I think it would also be good, since we are all flying on a server, that pilots can mention if they are having any connectivity issues, so that they can then be instructed to leave the airspace until the problem is resolved, and allow pilots to request approach.

The idea came just from recent experiences I’ve had in which it was difficult to get on the same page with ATC. I think ATC might have a bit too much authority in the game and there isn’t enough opportunity/time for pilots to sort out issues or misunderstandings mid-approach (or departure).

I think there should also be a feature for pilots to say PAN PAN and MAYDAY to let ATC know there is something wrong.


They have something like that for pilots running too low on fuel, but IF doesn’t seem to have any function that enables faults or emergencies lol.

Infinite Passengers enables them though. But unless their emergencies can somehow be verified and ATC see the emergency is true, it just seems like pilots would abuse those messages to speed up their flights imo


That is something IF needs to work on faults and emergencies

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I can see why you would want request change in heading(in case of terrain) but this instruction and repeat instructions may be abused and spammed(leading to ghost) and no need to repeat instructions as you can just read from the atc chat what was told to you


I like this, but it would definitely be abused.


I reckon, pilots that understand the pattern approach on Expert server, and sees what is going on around them on the radar during approach, would not abuse this option. The altitude change option is already there, and I rarely hear pilots use it.

Spamming can lead to ghosting anyway, so pilots are discouraged from abusing any request. In the case of heading change, that request could probably be made just once, and then denied or approved. Again it just wouldn’t make sense for a pilot that is in pattern to request a change in heading I think. But a pilot that is not in pattern, or maybe is in a mountainous region after following instructions? Maybe

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They can just read from their log and find what ATC instructed them to do. But I do agree on the heading request. Another example is if a pilot want to divert to another close by airport, but they don’t have to option to tell ATC.


I don’t think that it makes sense for Pilots to request as Controllers are normally in charge of the situation and they decide when you turn and what altitude you’re at.

As for mountainous areas the officers would normally refer to an approach chart and make sure you are at least 1000agl and above and vector you away from mountains(except for the times which they screw up)

That’s true. The idea was more along the lines of “do you still need me to do this?” in case you start finding yourself in a situation where you as a pilot need to react.

I mean, if ATC gives you an instruction but then don’t want you to do it, they can say “Disregard last message”. And the pilot also has the same command

No they don’t.

Well… I’m saying in terms of infinite flight and not real life procedures.

That’s true. In this case a change in heading might be useful if a pilot wants to leave the airspace or divert to another destination. It adds some flexibility but not too much.

If a pilot wants to divert he just needs his flight plan to have the divert airport and request flight following to that airport

That could be a lot of buttons to press while in the airspace! You might end up ignoring additional instructions especially if you’re in the pattern.

There can be one initial message which signals to ATC everything you’re about to do in the cockpit.

Still not the case.

hais… fine then tell me what shd the atc do

And if you are record holder why can’t I find your name on Google in the list of air shuttle pilots and land record holder

But you can use infinite passenger’s which can enable folts so it would be a nice feature to tell atc what is going on