Extra 300

The Extra 300 is a very small, 2 seater, acrobatic aircraft. It is incredibly manoeuvrable, and would be an excellent acrobatic accompaniment to the Super Decathlon.


Here is an excellent FlightChops video on it:

Part 2:


Nice! This can be used as a starter for fighter pilots


Are you sure you don’t mean Nick? NickChan would love this plane, and I guess I would too. I just dislike the Name “Extra”.


Pls add this plane! Its very fun to fly

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This would be amazing! Great request ;)

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This actually looks similar to GTA V’s aerobatic plane…

If only they stylized the Extra to maybe eXtra or Xtra :P

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I love this aircraft. I have wanted to advocate for a aerobatic aircraft like this craft. Or the Extra 330.


Credit goest to Extra aircraft…

You just replied to a two year old post…

Yep. But it is a good post. And a lot has advanced in IF in the two years.

If he does like it why not? 😂

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Well thanks. We have enough jets and airliners. What about aerobatic?

Definatly a nice aircraft.

I personaly do only have one problem with it. Most people do only like flying from a to b and i do not think aerobatic aircraft are the best in terms of range🤨

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That is true I have to agree with you. But it would be a lot of fun for people like me who like doing other things beside A to B.

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That’s true! We could use some aerobatic planes.

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Boosting this, this aircraft would prove awesome for demonstrations and stunts. I flew it on FSX and was not disappointed. This thing would prove awesome in Infinite Flight.