External Joystick Throttle Mapping 23.3

With the new update, unable to map the left and right trigger buttons for throttle control. I’d been using this configuration for about 1 year with no issues. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Device: iPad Pro 2021
Operating system: iOS 16.6.1

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Thanks for the report! What joystick are you using? Is this directly connected to the device or using a third party tool?

XBox Wireless. Connected via Bluetooth. Had a few other people try as well to no avail.

Thanks, we’ll take a look

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Thank you sir

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I am on a PS five controller and having the same issue

Also note that the problem of reconnection to IF of the controller after disconnecting that one of your colleagues reported as being in the process of being reworked for 23.3 has in reality still not been corrected. With all the players on the controller, we hope that the problem will be better rechecked and why be reworked for the next update. Thanks

How do you bind them exactly? Left to increase and right to decrease?

sorry I’m not affected but I also use a controller. It is rather the right trigger to increase and the left trigger to decrease.

I took at look at it this morning and how it worked before was hack’ish… and the current system makes it hard to implement this with the triggers, at least for now as a hotfix.

I would suggest using another axis if you can. I have fixed the left/right trigger for the rudder so you can perhaps use the one you used for the yaw instead? Another option would be to use the L1 and R1 buttons at the top and binding them to the increase/decrease throttle.

I’m sorry I don’t have a fix for this. Supporting controllers on multiple platforms is quite tricky with all platforms having their own implementation and each controller doing their own shenanigans… :/


ok thank you for your feedback. Last question, can we expect a full adjustment of the controller connection/disconnection? And is it possible to modify the motion of the R1/L1 buttons for better throttle fluidity?

Not at this point no. It’s a fixed set for now.

Do you have a repro for this? If you reconnect a device while on the controls page, do you see the device going away and coming back?

Will this be fixed in the future?

It would be better if you tried this and answered that part instead of putting out a small novel.
We get the frustration but when we ask specific questions, it’s kind of vital for them to be answered in order for us to progress with the issue :)

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the problem is in flight after disconnecting the controller. We were told that when you launch the game the controller enters a session and when it disconnects, the session is lost and so are the flight controls. According to your colleagues this problem should have been resolved for 23.3 but it persist
My bad I’ll try to be more short

Try this specifically:

Open up Settings → Controls with the controller connected.
Is there? If yes, good. Then disconnect/turn off the controller, wait a while and then connect it again.
Does it reappear?

No, it doesn’t

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controller is connect but commands do not respond

I had left trigger to decrease and right to increase. Prior to the update, these were the only axis that worked reasonably well.

I’ll give the L1/R1 a try. When mapping throttle to one of the other axis (thumbsticks) the outcome was not usable. Appreciate you taking a look at this. Might just have to consider another setup instead.

This issue has been around for a while. With the wireless controllers, eventually they turn off if no inputs are made. Once they’re turned back on, IF shows them re-connected but no inputs are recognized and for what ever reason, you can’t revert to the device gyro either.