Extending Seattle to the North

Great announcement? Tell me more lol


@Sturmovik no seriously, can we expect an announcement?

Aernout said in one post titled “Next update” that Skyhawk Heavy was going to make a big announcement “soon”: Next Update?


I don’t think any regions should be expanded. This is because global flight will come.

We don´t know when. Matt may have as well been flying on an extended SoCal region.

Possibly, but I like joint regions more.

I would like that too, if it wasn´t for the unknown requierements to run those joint regions.

This would be awesome. My VA is based in Portland.

You’ll be able to fly realistically then ;)

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Yes for sure. The only real life flight is Portland to Seattle/ vise versa.

There’s always time for growth if you put effort.

Yes please, I love Seatle region!

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Sadly it isn´t used much.

This would be so great and it would give Canadian airline liveries more meaning and purpose!


It would be great to fly an Air Canada aircraft on a real route.

Exactly. It’s weird flying an Air Canada from LAX to SAN…

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That’s true. Or AC Rouge!