Extending Seattle to the North

Seattle is a region which is hardly ever used. Maybe extending it to the North, to reach the lower part of the British Columbia, to include Vancouver and several new airports, would make it busier.
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The airports to include would be:

  1. Vancouver International Airport: one concrete runway and two concrete/asphalt runways, 08L/26R, 08R/26L and 13/31 respectively: 9940ft/3030m, 11500ft/3505m and 7300ft/2225m.
  2. Victoria International Airport: three asphalt runways, 09/27, 03/21 and 14/32, 6998ft/2133m, 5027ft/1532m and 5001ft/1524m respectively.
  3. Abbotsford International Airport: one asphalt/concrete runway and one asphalt runway, 07/25 and 01/19 respectively, 9597ft/2925m and 5328ft/1624m respectively.
  4. Bedwell Harbour Water Aerodrome.
  5. West Kootenay Regional Airport: one asphalt runway, 15/33,5299ft/1615m.
  6. Boundary Bay Airport: two asphalt runways, 07/25 and 12/30, 5606ft/1709m and 3750ft/1143m respectively.
  7. Kelowna International Airport: one asphalt runway, 16/34, 8900tf/2713m.
  8. Nanaimo Airport: one asphalt runway, 16/34, 6602ft/2012m.
  9. Nanaimo Harbour Water Airport.
  10. Penticton Regional Airport: one asphalt runway, 16/34, 6000ft/1829m.
  11. Penticton Water Aerodrome.
  12. Rykerts Water Aerodrome.
  13. Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre.
  14. Vancouver International Water Airport.
  15. Victoria Inner Harbour Airport.
  16. Victoria Airport Water Aerodrome.
  17. Bellingham International Airport: one asphalt runway, 16/34, 6071ft/2042m.
    Please comment and give feedback.

This will be more useful for the livery Air Canada and others in Infinite Flight.


Inter regional flights between the US and Canada anyone?

Yeah that can be something out of the extension.

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This is similar to the topic but not necessarily a duplicate

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It isn´t a duplicate, nor similar. I want Seattle to be extended to Canada, while yours requests mainly for Canada and that city across the US border.

The region is similar though. The area is

Just another region to fly Air Tran, Delta, Spirit & Southwest. I’m happy for an extension

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And Air Canada/Rouge.

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Does Air Canada fly that region!? Well that’s something I would have never thought, 👍🏽 learnt something new.


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Vancouver is one of Air Canada’s Main Hub ;)

@Sturmovik there are about 17 flights between Vancouver and Seattle and four of them are served by Air Canada. So this expansion will be so attractive for IF Users :D


You are also forgetting bellingham but adding that region would be awesome and popular. Who knows what flights you could do. I’m for this

This is actually a really good one if a region update :)

Nice one @Sturmovik

You won’t need to “extend” any region pretty soon ;)


Bellingham added. Thanks for pointing that out.

We aren’t sure if that’s feasible now. But they said they had a great announcement.

And we’ll be able to use the Air Canada/Rouge livery more frequently!

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and Alaska horizon as well

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I agree with this, I would love to fly in and out of YVR