Extending San Francisco

I think that combining Southern California and San Francisco would be too much for our current devices to process, so our best bet (for now), is to have the current/(possible) new regions with a SoCal size.

The green border shows how much should the region be extended:

There are several airports in the extended region, some which aren´t included in the original region:


  1. Palo Alto Airport: one asphalt runway, 13/31, 2443ft/745m (extension).
  2. Charles M. Schulz–Sonoma County Airport: two asphalt runways, 02/20 and 14/32, 5202ft/1586m and 6000ft/1829m respectively.
  3. Lincoln Regional Airport: one asphalt runway, 15/33, 6001ft/1829m.
  4. Napa County Airport: two concrete and one asphalt runways, 06/24, 18R/36L and 18L736R, 5007ft/1526m, 5930ft/1807m and 2510ft/765m respectively.
  5. Marin County Airport: one asphalt runway and one asphalt helipad, 13/31 and H1, 3300ft/1006m and 60ft/18m respectively.
  6. Sacramento Executive Airport: three asphalt runways, 02/20, 12/30 and 16/34, 5503ft/1677m, 3837ft/1170m and 3505ft/1068m respectively.
  7. Sacramento Mather Airport: one asphalt/concrete runway, one asphalt runway, and two helipads, 4R/22L, 4L/22R, H1 and H2, 11301ft/3445m, 6038ft/1840m, 30ft/9m and 100ft/30m respectively.
  8. Cloverdale Municipal Airport: one asphalt runway, 14/32, 3155ft/962m.
  9. Yolo County Airport: one asphalt runway, 16/34, 6000ft/1829m.
  10. University Airport: one asphalt runway, 17/35, 3176ft/968m.
  11. Franklin Field: two asphalt runways, 18/36 and 09/27, 3240ft/988m and 3100ft/945m
  12. Sacramento International Airport, one asphalt runway and one concrete runway, 16L/34R and 16R/34L, 8605ft/2623m and 8598ft/2621m.

Not included in the actual region:

  1. Modesto City–County Airport: two asphalt runways, 10L/28R and 10R/28L, 5904ft/1800m and 3464ft/1056m respectively.
  2. Byron Airport: two asphalt runways, 12/30 and 05/23, 4500ft/1372m and 3000ft/914m respectively.
  3. Buchanan Field Airport: two asphalt/concrete runways and two asphalt runways, 1L/19R, 1R/19L, 14L/32R and 14R/32L, 5001ft/1524m, 2770ft/844m, 4602ft/1403m and 2799ft/853m respectively.
  4. Half Moon Bay Airport: one asphalt/concrete runway, 12/30, 5000ft/1524m.
  5. Hayward Executive Airport: two asphalt runways and one asphalt helipad, 10R/28L, 10L/28R and H1, 5694ft/1736m, 3107ft/947m and 110ft/34m respectively.
  6. Livermore Municipal Airport: two asphalt runways, 7L/25R and 7R/25L, 5253ft/1601m and 2699ft/823m respectively.
  7. San Carlos Airport: one asphalt runway, 12/30, 2600ft/792m.
  8. NASA Crows Landing Airport: Closed permanently.

What do you think about it? Please comment and give feedback for further ideas.


You put a lot of efort in this topic mate


Thanks, I try to provide as much info as possible.

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We may have to wait for the PC port to have that.

Good Idea. The NoCal region is to small I think


Indeed it is.

Combine Southern California and San francisco

It would be too big for our devices to handle right now.

This will be a good idea and the San Fran region is small so this is nice.

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Indeed, I had to make quite a lot of turns on my FPL last time to be able to reach cruising altitude las time.

That shows how small San Fran region is.

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What app is it that shows the picture of the extended area?

I used Paint to highlight the area that should be extended, based on a screenshot of the Infinite Tracker app.

Nice topic man. Thanks for the effort you put in it

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Definitely support this! I feel like there are too many regions that do not have alot of room to move about especially with the number of pilots flying around. San Francisco and Carribean region are 2 examples. Great idea!

The Caribbean is quite big, I´ve never had any space problems while flying in there.

Honestly think Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic should be added. But back to the topic at hand, Great idea, look forward to more expansion ideas from you.

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Just for the effort I give you a like and I always support bigger regions :)

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Thanks! Much appreciated.