Extended/ presettable ILS

Hello, I’ve got an idea to make air traffic controlling more realistic and easier, as well as help pilots.

Extended ILS Range / or Presettable ILS freq.
Current situation (screenshots):

It would be useful if the ILS range was extended or if there was an option to preset the ILS frequency (like irl). If it was presettable, all you would have to do is tune to the ILS frequency (at cruise, etc), and once the aircraft is in range of the ILS you would not need to set it up, as it would be already set up.

IRL photo


If the ILS range was extended, it would be useful for busier times when the ILS is being used from a further away point.

If you support or disagree with this idea, please comment below or vote for it. Thanks for reading!

Only one request per feature😉


oops should i create 2 topics instead?

I am in favour of both request, but please follow @Claudio’s advice and also there is already a topic on the RTO one:

thank you i’ll remove the first one :)

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Do that and you’ll be fine. Also don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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