Extended downwind call?

Two questions:

  1. When Im on a extended downwind. Is it so always the tower there control the next turn? -also when I haven’t get a I call your base?

  2. Where in the patten shall I call the tower for indbound for landing rwy xx?

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Since it exists on live I put it in live ;).

Not really an expert on these type of commands as I don’t do patterns

No it isn’t always the tower will call your base. If I’m the controller and notice you usually turn base about 2 miles away and I need more space, I’ll tell you to extend. You in return should fly an additional one to two miles. If the tower is going to call your base they should issue you “tower will call your base”.

As for your second question, it solely depends on where you’re at and what you perceive to be how busy the airport is. If there is no approach control try to fall in line with what you see currently going on and give a call 15-20.


If you are in the pattern wanting to land, I would suggest as soon as you can for their planning

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So extended downwind is +2miles?

@Panduro… MaxSez: Pilots discretion and aircraft type. Long finals, best for stability 2/3 miles works for most GA VFR. Trash Haulers the longer the better, usually on Missed you’ll go or be sent back to the ILS IP. An ILS go is approx 10 miles at most B’s. on a Missed, that where you go on your own in an uncontrolled eviorment.

For more information:

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