Extend Upwind

Scenario: I just took off and at about 3000 feet outbound with a straight out departure, the ATC instructs: “extend upwind!”
What does it mean?

Below is a youtube video about extend upwind

Thank you so much for sharing

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Extend upwind is an instruction for the circuit. It doesn’t make any sense to ask someone departing straight out to extend upwind.

What i was thinking too… I asked to depart straight out. He approved. And then he said i must extend upwind.

@Johann_Viljoen was this on Expert? Did you ask for a straight out departure then begin to deviate from it?

No. I flew straight out and had no plans to turn. My flight plan took me straight to the top of the cone and only at fl150 i would turn east. Yes it was on expert

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What did you request for takeoff? Pattern or departure?


It won’t help for us to assume anything so if you would like to press on you could tell us when and at what airport this happened.

I requested a straight out departure

But what airport becuase the airport could have had parallel runways and sometimes ATC uses two runways too depart two aircrafts and extend upwind is used to stop pilots turning east west or south as well as give pilots a reminder but also to avoid conflict

When you request a straight out departure, then depart straight out.
Especially when you depart on an airport with two parallel runways.

The upwind leg of the pattern is the part the ‘straight out’ part.


It does if 9 out of 10 pilots on IF who declare straight out just hit NAV the second they’re airborne without any regard for other traffic.

It may not be strictly correct by RW procedures, but it’s the best available, since we don’t have a “hey, [redacted], look around you” command.


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