Extend Rollout Command

This is a proposal for an additional ATC command (or an extension to the existing Exit Runway command) to instruct an aircraft to extend its rollout on the landing runway, and is I suppose in lieu of taxiways actually being marked so that ATC can give more precise instructions (such as “turn right on B”). The purpose of the command is to minimise conflict on taxiways, and this is something intended for those airports that have a layout that potentially causes this:

  1. Single parallel taxiway to the runway
  2. Terminal/parking areas towards one end of the runway
  3. Taxiway exits that do not naturally push aircraft into a flow round the field that minimises conflict

To illustrate my suggestion, I have randomly picked LERS (Reus) in Spain, which has a layout that fits into these criteria, and the scenario is for when runway 25 is in use.

Aircraft coming in on 25 are quite likely to be able to exit at taxiway B from a speed perspective, but this will mean they are completely in the way of anything heading to the runway from the terminal. Depending on the availability of stands, this could cause a real logjam on the ground and probably result in the unrealistic scenario of aircraft using the Pushback control to try to sort themselves out.

By instructing the inbound aircraft to “extend rollout to end of the runway” when giving the Exit Runway command, or alternatively the controller being able to just give a simple “extend rollout, do not take next exit” instruction as s/he sees the plan slowing for a turn on to B, this situation could be avoided. The inbound plane rolls on to A2 or A1, leaving the single parallel taxiway free for outbound planes to taxi without obstruction. The addition of a “please expedite” may help communicate that they should do this rolling at a decent speed, rather than 10kts.

Another example of the proposed command’s potential use is at GMTT (Tangier) in Morocco, and this is one I have experienced twice before as the outbound aircraft that got caught in a mess:

There is a single taxiway from the terminal/parking area (the ramp where the ‘Control Tower’ sign is pointing to on the diagram) to the parallel taxiway, which lines up with the exit that most of the aircraft landing on runway 10 are going to want to use (C), and I expect quite a few coming in on 29 would also want to turn off there. However, if they do, and ATC Ground isn’t able to get them to hold position quickly enough (probably while they’re still partially on the runway), then you have two aircraft facing one another with nowhere to go. Again, by simply giving an instruction to roll on to the next exit (B for 10, D for 29) then the inbound plane can be got under the control of Ground in an unobstructed area, held in position as needed, and that controller can begin to coordinate pushbacks and so on to avoid conflict and let it into the terminal area.

Technically you’re only allowed a single image per request, however I think you need these to explain this in depth.

I’ll vote once I free one up, bookmarked for future!

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IF gets too busy. Don’t issue exit command until its safe to do so. No conflict.

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I‘m in for everything improving the ground experience. Nice request.


I think this command would definitely help in managing ground control, given that we don’t have specific taxiway instructions. Afraid I’m out of votes, but hopefully this can be added at some point

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Out of votes but love the idea.

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