ExpressJet E175

Hey everyone! I’m back with another showcase of another aircraft! This time around, United Express brought their brand new E-175 aircraft to Embry-Riddle, and I once again was able to have a look around it.
These photos are more detailed, mostly due to the fact that this time around it isn’t pouring rain.
This first picture is of the aircraft from the rear, nothing too special yet.

Here’s the tail, with a bit of my ‘warmth’ filter applied to it.

Here’s a photo of the main landing gear and the engine.

Here’s a good look at the plane from the front

Sitting on the left side of the aircraft gave a great view of the Riddle flight line and the rest of Daytona Beach Int’l, and the tower

And finally, a look down Legacy way towards the rest of campus.

I hope you guys enjoy these pictures…I feel like I’ll have many more to share in the future!


Pictures 2 and 3 are my favourite


Personally, I think their new livery suits the regional jets the best, it just looks sooo clean.

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Yes, I agree! I feel like the new livery makes the planes look way more colorful!

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Lovely pictures! I’m starting to like the new United livery.

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@Nick_Wing @Scandanavian54super @InfiniteNick yeah I agree! I didn’t like the new livery at first, but I’ve found that it suits the regional jets really well and I’m loving it now!

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