Expressjet ceasing operations September 30, 2020

Another airline goes down into the history books

Expressjet Airlines, a United Express carrier, will be ceasing operations on September 30, 2020.

Expressjet says that this is due to United consolidating to one regional carrier, CommuteAir.
Expressjet has known that United would cut ties with them. With no other airline to work with, they have opted to cease operation and lay off nearly 3,000 workers.

Expressjet once flew to nearly 100 destinations in the US, Canada, and Mexico before the pandemic hit. They would be the third regional carrier to cease operations. The other two being Trans State and Compass, both of which have now ceased operations.

What do you think about this new development?


Honestly, I kinda wonder if they could’ve operated independently, rather than shutting down. They already had the infrastructure. They only thing they probably needed are landing slots, as I believe those are owned by by the main airlines. I wonder if an independent regional airline could ever be economically sustainable.

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I think we have one example of that already! Silver Airways in Florida is an independent regional carrier that is successful!

Very true! To be honest I haven’t been able to travel to Florida in so long I kinda forgot about them😂 Clearly they’re doing something right down there.

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I’ve never flown them but they seem to be doing it right! I always see them in TPA but I tend to always be flying north from TPA, so Silver wouldn’t make sense to use.

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We get them here at Buffalo a lot with their United E145’s from Dulles and Newark. I’ll miss them

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