Expressing my thoughts of Infinite Flight

Hi all,

Can I just start off by saying I’ve been playing infinite flight since around May 2020, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of it, except for a few certain things which have disappointed me.

Before I begin, please can I just say that this is simply me expressing MY opinion and I kindly ask to not give any hate towards me; I’m still extremely grateful for what the dev team have done.

1- British Liveries on the 757-200
The 757 rework has been one of my favourite updates in Infinite Flight as I’ve loved the RB211 sound pack (although the interior buzzsaw needs to be sorted), I’ve loved the little features they’ve added and overall, it’s just great. But there is one main thing that has disappointed me and that is british liveries. For example, Infinite Flight have decided to add a “special livery, for the British Airways livery which I don’t personally like. Also, they’ve made the decision to add not one, but two american airlines liveries yet don’t add the Jet2 Holidays livery, which are in fact still operating the 757, unlike American. I just think it’s unfair that they prioritise american liveries as british liveries deserve as much attention. (Before any of you say “we already have a Jet2 livery!”, there are two different jet2 liveries: the livery which is the one currently in the sim and the jet2 holidays livery which is the one i’m talking about and has a blue and white theme to it.

2- A330 Rework

I have to say, i’ve loved the A330 rework a lot so far, but again, there were some aspects of it which I think could be better.

For example, engine sounds. I did read the IF blog about them explaining why it was difficult for them to create new sounds for the A333, but if you think about it, this has been the most requested plane for so long now, yet they don’t give it a custom sound pack? Personally, i’m not as crazy about the 330 as others certainly are (i even voted for the a220), but just think about the people who have been waiting for so long for this to happen. Also, once again i will be talking about british liveries. There is a single british livery for the 330- virgin atlantic, which is very disappointing. Where is Thomas Cook? Where is Monarch? Even just one of them would be nice. I thought they would at least add one of these. It is still a great update.

Once again, can I just say thank you to the infinite flight for all the effort you put into these updates, but I’m sure many others will agree with how i feel. Thank you for reading and feel free to post your thoughts down below! :)

Have a great day :D


That‘s a really nice feedback!


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oh thanks jayson

Great review, YNWA :)

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Nice one mate

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thanks josh

thanks very much!

And Virgin Atlantic ??

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yep that’s true

If you read it, then I hope you understand why they didn’t, and if you think about, they did give a sound pack, it just isn’t accurate.

Sooo, Virgin Atlantic isn’t apart of the update?

I agree the 757 one! I’m also a little saddened by the fact that they haven’t added the 757F or 757-300 when the whole 777 Family was added relatively quickly

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drops a hundred simulated cups of tea in horror on the new cockpit tray in the Virgin Atlantic A333

Three words. One company. Pratt and Whitney.

It was announced from the very beginning that PW liveries wouldn’t be included so, not exactly a source of disappointment after seven months, don’t you think?

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You know exactly what i mean by sound pack. also, fair enough on the virgin atlantic part. i completely forgot

Are these on the -200 or -300?

oh god i’m so sorry. my brain is just not functioning properly

Fair enough on that then. but i’m not too bothered about american airlines anyway

the only british airline that has had the A333 is virgin an guess what we got it, monarch and thomas cook could not have been possible.

Appreciate your thoughts but closing this to avoid misinformed complaints regarding omitted airlines which don’t exist and other topics which have been extensively addressed. Cheers!