Express Ghost on TS1

I’ve seen too many trolls on TS1 or many people that just don’t follow ATC instructions and I thought about a ghost option for the Training Server Controllers in which you ghost someone without damaging XP and FT but getting them out of the session.

Also for avoiding Troll ATC’s why not showing up the red text saying: “You have been reported for *** by JJgda” for example for reporting the ATC back.

I thought about this because seeing the current posts about trolls on TS1 and the experiences I had with that kind of people was very disgusting.

What do you think about it?

//IFATC Lalo Marlin//

This would allow trolls to ghost people now… Everyone would be reporting each other training server is a place where people learn.


There’s no need for this. There’s already a system implemented in which pilots who get reported 3 times by different people will be ghosted. If you’d like a better experience, come to the expert server.


Haha I expected this ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You are aware that this system has been shut down for quite some time now, correct?


Saying “come to the expert server” isn’t beneficial for anyone. It only adds to the figurative fire…

What if he’s not Grade 3? His experience is being tarnished by trolls on TS1, so he proposes what he deems is a correction to this issue, only to get a lackluster response.

Instead of giving that reply, try assisting the user to see if you can do anything to help them-even if it comes down to you doing ATC for them in an empty server.


It’s okay, I asked for opinions :) he doesn’t agree, it’s fine

So true, this would be an opportunity for trolls to ‘express ghost’ everyone on the server.


Why is it so hard for everyone to understand that if you want a better experience than just fly expert. This system would just create more problems than it would solve. @Jose_Oscana is dead on right that this system should not be implemented. It probably wont be implemented.


There will never be ghosting on TS. Even as an IFATC, you’re not allowed to ghost on TS. Even Tyler doesn’t ghost people on TS.

Ghosting for a session wouldn’t do much anyway, other than anger them and have them come back in perhaps an even better mood, if indeed they are truly trolling.

Then you have the unfortunate reality of whether the ATC knows what they are doing.

I’ve been guarded by Miami Center when on a 1.5 mile to KRSW with active tower and approach.

When I don’t contact them, that controller, who clearly has not the slightest clue what they’re doing, can ghost me?


In all due respect this won’t solve anything as trolls can become ATC and ghost anybody without any reason. Their(trolls) objective will still succeed.

My advice is to fly Expert once you hit grade 3.

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Yeah that’s true, as always they’ll find a way :)


@Shawn_Coleman and @Jose_Oscana.

Yes, everyone knows “for a better experience…”, it’s only been said 108,458,493 times on this forum.

Not everyone is grade 3. Obviously, that’s their goal, but while they accrue the requisite stats, they still want a good experience. It doesn’t do any good (and I’m not picking on you two, because it’s been said a billion times) to say fly expert all the time. Everyone knows. They still want TS to not suck while they’re trying to get to grade 3.

Also consider that when you were training for IFATC, you did so on TS. Don’t tell me you weren’t wishing that report button worked a hundred times a session. But you couldn’t just fly expert, because you were training for IFATC, which has to be done on TS.


Very well said!!! :)

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As long as it’s people’s personal opinion then it can be said a billion times more. If you want to stay away from the ‘trolls’ then there are many other regions you can fly in. Not everything is going to be handed to people in life. For all those who want a better experience, you unfortunately have to deal with trolls for a while until you have the minimum requirements to join the expert server. Let’s also not forget that the expert server is not heaven! You will encounter trolls in the expert server as well.


Ease up, for a second.

What I didn’t say: “You cannot express your opinion.” (I would never say such a thing.)

What I did say: Everyone knows it’s better on Expert. But not everyone is Grade 3; controllers training for IFATC can’t control on Expert.


I do not get the idea, TS1 is for new players to get started on IF, if you allow ghosting users in TS1 any of interested users that tryies to get better with ATC could be ghosted and he would not learn… I mean, is like trying to teach anyone by punchs or slaps… also people would stop playing because of that, I repeat, TS1 as the name explains is for training (training server 1), If I want to pracrice touch and go or a establish appoach I will go to TS1, of course I will make any mistake but its because Im practicing, the same happens if you do not know how to follow ATC instructions… you will search for tutorials and you will try to learn but you will make mistakes, we learn about mistakes, if you get a ghost because a mistake you will never learn how to fly or follow ATC instruccions…



Well said Lucas. Also, people should just ignore the trolls and fly. They aren’t doing anything to effect your flight apart from making it VISUALLY look slightly unrealistic: there aren’t any collisions so they don’t make you ‘fail’ your flight or crash.

So, I think if you are getting trolled, just ignore them and don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you end flight…


Also trolls feed off of attention so… If you ignore they, they will go to troll sombody else, and the same with that person, and the same with all the server… so if they have no attention they will stop trolling… is like trolling the troll becaus eyou do not give they what they want.



MaxSez: What is it about the Training Server that a few of you just don’t understand? Of late it seems every Fledgling has a novel idea to improve the Training Server experience. The comments and suggestions I’ve read here, novel though they may be, go in one ear and out the other of the FDS Staff, they’ve heard it all before and said “NO”. This type TS-1 post is repetitive, redundant and most are edited duplicates. They’ve been posted and rejected for years. Do us all a favor. Accept the fact that our newly joined members and a few thick heads need to be given breathing/learning room.
Unhappy with TS-1 Gain points on the kiddy Server, gain Grade 3 and accept your first Ghost on the Expert as an I told you so lesson. Enough whining about the trials and tribulations of the "Teaching/Learning Server. Remember we all learning, a little empathy goes a long way!