Exposing copyright infringement

People need to know about this. Perhaps this post should be pinned.

Well, as with any picture-sharing site, there are definitely sooner or later gonna be someone who uploads a picture they haven’t taken on here, AKA thieves. This is in fact illegal.

Finding out if someone has actually taken the photo or not is simple, and requires only a minute or so to find out. Use this guide to expose him/her.

  1. Either download the picture, or you copy the image URL (right click on the picture and select ‘copy image URL’ or something that resembles it in your native language)
  2. Go to Google image search or Tineye.com and upload the image or paste the URL (Note that on Google you need to press the little camera icon in the search bar first, before upoading/pasting).
  3. Voilà! If the result page shows the same picture many times, the poster has most likely stolen the photo off some other page. But please make sure that the results doesn’t show other pages the poster might have uploaded it to, so please check your sources.

As for exposing the culprit, simply posting a comment saying that it is a stolen picture rarely does the trick, but is worth a try. If the author doesn’t delete the post, contact moderators/admins and they will delete the post when faced with solid proof.


Make a logo, and apply it to the photo before uploading. Reduce the opacity to make it less apparent, but still difficult to remove. You might not like the look of it, but hey, it’s better than having it stolen, eh?
You can also use the same guide described above to look up your own pictures, to find potential thieves. I work as a photographer myself, and I have numerous times caught copyright infringers who have stolen my photographs by googling them.

Hope this helps many, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a PM :)


– Mats Edvin Aarø


Recently, I have been wondering whether posting pictures that are actually not you own is fine if you decide to add a caption stating

“(not my picture)” .

However, this is not the same as giving credits to the owner of the picture, isn’t it?

This happens frequently theses days and with new users joining the IF-community (5000 members…) each day is has become an issue again in my opinion.

I always put the website from where I’ve taken the picture in my historical aircraft descriptions, I thought it would make me a recipient of a ban.

That is not okay… The owner should be credited at least by name!

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Max Sez… I dislike lawyers or lawyer like individuals who pontificate without the proper research or accreditation. Copyrights protect original creative works such as paintings, songs, books, photographs and other original works of authorship “May be” protected via application to the Federal Copyright office Federal copyrights are registered per item or group and the item copyrighted must be identified as such on each item included. You’ll note on Web photo libraries copyright protected material has the owner and copyright identity clearly printed on the photo face for example. Most Web sites which contain copyright material will and must clearly state “Reproduction not authorized without the permission of the Originator or Reproduction authorized with the originator identified or word to that effect. Google reproduction requirements are clearly stated in your agreement and are not infringed unless marked IAW copyright regs. Bottom line, read the Agreement or Home Page of Web Sites that contain photo, prints ect. Follow there guidance. The chances of being Federally indicted for " Copyright infringement” for “personal” use if you don’t download by the 1000 of prints for resale you are golden. Note, my Momma told me never trust a Lawyer, Quasi Lawyer, Politician or Car Salesman. That’s my story and I’m stricken to it. (Edit/Corrected there may be a Schister watching!).

FootNote 1: This commentary may not be reproduced, copied, distributed an/or discussed outside the confessional without the express permission of the Originator.

FootNote 2. This is an AvGeek Site not Judge Judy! Please follow the posting guidelines.


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Ya…tell it to the Judge!

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I support the pinning of this topic

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So a photo I find on google images and post on here is illegal?

The spotting category is for you own pictures. You should not be crediting anyone for any pictures here since they’re all supposed to be yours anyway.

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Basically, yes, since they are someone else property. Maxmustangs post includes a more detailed view on it.


Great show Max, love her works.

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Yes it is. :) It’s hard to understand this if you’re not a photographer, but as a photographer, I can say that it’s a really good law. And yes, maybe your intentions aren’t to steal the picture, but when you post it here, someone else might take it from here etc. And the photographer could trace the picture back to you. That’s not fun… I once had a guy steal my picture and use it for a nation-wide competition. He won, but when I figured out, he was fined a large sum, and I got the price.

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Do we have to put a tag saying “not my picture” if it already has a watermark?

It isn´t necessary to do that.

@Noroftheair not needed at all, and is certainly not required. Actually it’s quite annoying, if you’re not going to put in the effort to posts a link, don’t bother saying anything at all, like “Not my photo.”

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Necroposting. Like always, feel free to make another post.