Exposed 777-300 Landing Gear


I’m not sure if this is a known issue but with the 777-300, when the landing gear is up, some of the mechanisms on the right hand side are exposed. None of the other 777 variants have this issue. I’ve attached some photos to show what I mean.

Many thanks.

Yeah this has happened to me plenty of times change the plane graphics to low and then back to high and that should work it worked for me!

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I’ve tried this and doesn’t fix the issue. I’ve tried this on both the devices I use.

This is a known error and it happens with more planes with the spoilers of the 757 depends on the view of the camera you see the error or not.

Try this just look at a different view or zoom out while outside the plane and it will go away I see big bumps on my wings and sometimes makes it go away

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