Exporting IF inflight video

If I missed a previous post regarding my question could you point me to it ?

Is there a way to export the new IF inflight video to share outside of IF. and or therefore save it to upload to youtube for example ? When I use the share icon it says the format is unsupported or something to that effect.

If this is a discussed topic already could you steer me to it

thanks Doug

If you want to share your infinite flight replays, I recommend you upload them to attached link below.

Just to let you know, you can’t upload the .replays file to youtube. It’s not the same as a video file. What you will have to do is screen record the whole flight and then upload it.

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Ok that answers my question. Thanks

Now to see how to record long videos then. Which is outside the realm of this form.


If you are on IOS, then it’s built in. If you are on Android I recommend this one.

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Copy that I will give it a try !

Thank you very much

cheers Doug

Chris is it a APP ?

i don’t see it in Google play store.

Please note that the Infinite Flight replay is not a video file. It is a data file that can only be opened in infinite flight. If you wish to load it to YouTube, you need to use a screen recorder and let it record the flight while you play it back using whatever camera angles you choose.

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