Exporting and Sharing Replays


@GHamsz used Drive, so he can probably show you the steps real quick.


I’m on iOS.


My apologies to @Philippe_Gilbert. I was trying to hang onto my old files, but I think that’s a wash. Had the sharing down, but files weren’t compatible with the new release.


Here’s the deal… A replay file can only be played in Infinite Flight (IF). The developers have created a way for us to save replay files to a variety of destinations, none of which can view the content or replay the file. So what can you do with it once it’s saved somewhere?

  1. If for whatever reason, you’ve deleted a file from the IF replay screen, you can go to the location where you previously saved the file and download it to IF.

  2. you can share the replay if you upload it to a location that supports link sharing, and send the link to whoever you want. In IFC, you’d paste a link to your shared replay. Whoever wants to view the replay clicks on the link, opens their viewer for the file, clicks on it and selects open in. IF should be one of the options. Click on IF and the shared replay downloads to your IF application.

Remember, you won’t see the replay on IFC, only a link to the file. This is because the browser doesn’t know what to do with it. Anyone that wants to view it will have to download it and view it in IF.

I haven’t experimented with sending the replay file in an email, so I’m not discussing that option.


Think of it as you would if someone sent you an Excel spreadsheet but you didn’t have a spreadsheet application.

These are IF files and require IF to open.


No, screen recording is an iOS feature, indepedent of IF.

The replay mechanism in IF is always running for every flight and/or controlling session. As such, there is no need to start a recording the way you had to from control center.

It’s an IF proprietary format, and as such can only be viewed inside IF. To share it you, need to upload the content to a location you can share from. After that, anyone with access to the file can download it to IF and watch your replay.


Sounds to me like Gary has nailed the actual issue here. I think when the OP says “share” he means “show people how my flight replay looks”.

Replays are NOT videos that you can share. They are sets of data that allow you to replay the flight IN Infinite Flight only.

If you want to share a reply file or someone else to replay, then you can share a public link to a file in iCloud/Google Drive/Dropbox/etc as has been suggested.

If you want to share a video of your flight, you’ll have to play back your replay and record using a screen recorder, then upload to YouTube or other video service.


What’s the name of reply file extension? Thanks


Mine was more a follow up question to the OP as far as how to record a vid of a Replay to be able to post a cinematic masterpiece to Screenshots and Videos on IFC.

Being naive with video production, I wondered whether the Apple recording feature would be a good choice.


The extension is .replay


The file is not empty. You can open this file via ‘infinite flight’, which will open the app to replay the flight you chose. That also means that you can send this via email, so others can see. But you cannot send this into the community, as the file is not valid (I.e. only .jpg, .jpeg, etc.)

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