Exporting and Sharing Replays


Oui. Un moment


Try the link again.




When you click on Tim’s link, do you see this screen?


Nope I don’t


You may need to talk to Apple support or someone who can look more at the device. When I press the link using safari I get a pop-up message asking to open the file.


I click on the link, it opens it in drive


Hold on, I think I see the issue.


I think there was an issue with Tim’s file. Sorry Tim.

Try this file.

When it opens, press “Done” in the top left corner

You should now see the file in your list.

Simply press on the file and it should open in IF


I see it Thanks!


So if i’m correct I have to get the link?



So what you are doing is downloading the replay file first. Then you can share it with whoever you choose. All they do is press on it to open the replay. In your case that may be giving them a link to the file in icloud or by sending it via email.


How do I share it?



This may help.


I just uploaded this flight to google drive. Here’s a link to it.

Click on the link. When you get to that site, select the file, then open in, and finally select infinite flight.

It’ll be copied to you replay screen, where you can replay my flight.



Forgive me, @Philippe_Gilbert, but wasn’t your post asking how to save a video/photo of your Replay to Photos?


It was but it goes to show you how far community members, mods and staff go to help a user in need if able :)


Hey, I’m still stymied on how to do just that 🤔

Edit: Can it really be as simple as using Screen Recording in Control Center?


It became clear that what he wanted was a way to share a replay.


Are you on Drive? We were doing iOS, so the steps are a bit different, but we can still get there.