Exporting and Sharing Replays


It still doesn’t work.


What is your end goal? Are you trying to play the replay or simply save it?


Hi Tim and Chris. Do you know how saved it on an Android device? Don’t show opcions to save, only to share.


Here’s a link that may help:

It’s not as hard as it looks, but this may be better than trying to spell out all the steps here.


I’m trying to find a way to be able to post it here. I have saved it . So the first step is done.


Share is save. Share is just the word they chose for exporting files. It’ll give you the option to save on Drive. I would create a shared folder on Drive first, then choose that as the location.


I don’t have the option to do it in google drive. Then again, it’s a video. Videos can’t open here in google drive


Ok. I don’t have any google drive account. I’m going to make one first.


It is not a video file.


Well yes since it’s a replay of my flight


If you post it online, it’ll be just a file other people can import into Infinite Flight on their ipad. Infinite Flight is required to play those files.


How do I post it online?


You have to publish it on Google Drive, or any other system that allows you to upload a file and share it to other people like DropBox, etc… I don’t know if you can expose files publicly on Apple iCloud Storage.


Should just be tied to your GMail account.


I’m so mixed up. The thing is, I don’t have any option to save online. I can only save it in certain apps.


You need to install an app like Google Drive, or Drop Box to allow this type of public file sharing.


I’ll do that right now


What we do is basically list whatever your device has available for sharing apps. It’s what iOS tells us is available.


Isn’t the ‘link’ command useful in this case?


Will I be able to import it there once it’s done?