Exporting and Sharing Replays


Okay, now if you click on the French equivalent of Save to files, do you get something like this?:



Okay, from there you should be able to choose a location. Do you want to save it to your cloud?


Okay. I will do that.


I have saved it.


Okay, once you’ve saved it, it should be a file like this in whatever location you saved it to:


Yes, it looks like this.


And now? What’s the next step?


Now, I would close IF. Then you should be able to click on the file and it will open IF and import the file like shown here:

One thing to consider, though, is that if there’s already a file by that name still in IF, it may not let you import it. I’m not 100 percent sure of that, but it seems likely. You can try that first. If it doesn’t work, delete the replay from IF and try it again, then it should put it in your list again.

(Or you could rename the file in your save location first, then click on it. That way you won’t have an issue with duplicate names.)


But what does that do?


It reimported the file to IF for viewing.

Right now, with just one replay it doesn’t matter. But over time, you’ll build up a lot, and those will take up space.

So, in order to save your replays but not lose all your storage, you would export them to the cloud, delete them from IF (local storage) and only re-import them when needed. That will save your storage space.


But if I want to post it here on the IFC, how would I do it?


Interesting question. @Chris_S or @Levet may know which is the preferred method of sharing on the community that works best for the platform.


YouTube is the best source for sharing videos here on the forum. Shaffer has something in progress too that might make its way to the public. He can elaborate more on that.


You should upload it to a place that other users can access. Shared google drive, etc.


So what we did only saved it to my iCloud?


Yes. To replay your own flight you simply select the replay and press play.

With replays you have three options. Play, Share, Import


Yes. I’m more familiar with Google Drive, but I believe you can probably create a public folder on your cloud, then copy the link to the location and post that link. Then other users can click on the link and access the cloud file, without seeing anything in your other, private folders.

(Someone more Apple oriented, feel free to elaborate or correct. I’m more Google except for IF.)


I don’t understand.


I have an idea.