Explosions at Brussels Intl Airport

Just heard my local radio while having breakfast when there suddenly was breaking news about explosions at Brussels Intl Airport (EBBR).

Apparently there were at least 2 explosions in the departure hall a bit after 8AM CET, smokr is raising up from the airport building.
The airport is being evacuated.

Update 8:01Z : Many people have died, no confirmed numbers at the moment.
All inbound air traffic is being directed to near airports. All grounded planes don’t take off for the time being. Train traffic to and from brussels is interrupted. Speculations about another terrorist attack are not confirmed.

Update 9:20Z : Another explosion in an underground station in Brussels, all underground traffic stopped. At least 10 people died there, 13 people died at Brussels airport according to VRT. One explosion was located near the American Airlines area. Many things make an islamic terrorist attack likely, nothing confirmed just yet. Brussels sets the terror-alert to the highest level.

Update 9:25Z : One explosion was officially caused by a suicide attack. Shots and shouts in arabic language were heard according to involved people.

Update 9:30Z : Frankfurt Airport starts better security controls. Police in Belgium closes tunnel in Brussels. All underground railways in Brussels stopped.

Update 9:35Z : Apparently the attack was a revenge action for arresting an attacker of the Paris massacre on November 13th on Friday according to n-tv.
Berlin-Tegel airport is controlled by very well equipped policemen. All passengers on a scheduled flight to Brussels are securely checked. No flights are directed to Brussels at the moment, most flights divert to Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Liege.

Update 9:47Z : A crisis center in Brussels advices inhabitants not to leave their house for the time being if it’s not necessary. Everyone should try to avoid Brussels.
More and more flights are diverting to Frankfurt and even Berlin for safety reasons.
Highest terror alert in Brussels.

Update 9:50Z : Apparently no deaths at the metro station in the suburb of Brussels!
Brussels Airlines publishes a help hotline for relatives and friends who worry about involved people.

Update 10:05Z : Politics in Belgium call today the blackest day in Brussels’ history since world war II.
The second bomb was apparently a packet bomb. Terror experts are convinced an islamic terror group is responsible for the attacks in Brussels.

Update 10:24Z : France announces increase of police presence and security controls.
Belgium help organisations opened an emergency website.

Update 10:30Z : Apparently at least 5 deaths in underground station Maerbeek.
French government organizes crisis meetup in Élyseépalace.
Brussels closes all train stations.
Apparently over 20 deaths in total so far.

Update 10:35Z : Another explosion in a different underground station is being reported.

Update 10:53Z : Media report a number of over 20 deaths today. The recently reported explosion in another underground station probably was a controlled explosion of a suspicious package bag. No injuries reported.

Update 11:01Z : Media reports talk about 25 deaths in total.

Update: Media now reporting 26 deaths, 80 injured

More information to follow.
No information is 100% confirmed. All the information is taken from popular news sites!


Some flights are diverted to Charleroi


Hope every one is fine.


One death 😨

Sadly, there has been a few casulties
NBC news
According to the news, it came from near the AA check in desk.

Media said: Minimum 14 deaths.


another explosion in metro station Maelbeek

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Damn. This is like real time news. What’s next? London? Los Angeles? This isn’t good


Does anyone think this may be ISIS ?


No. Probably from the dreadful Paris attacks. Considering they just caught the main suspect. Unless they were a smaller Isis led group


But isn’t ISIS a huge group? Surely there is more than one guy that plans attacks.


That’s what I meant. I just think it’s not Isis, but some smaller group aspiring to be them, maybe related to the Paris attacks


Yeah. Seems they have a good (well not good but you know what I mean) plan, taking out the exits (Airport and Train station, for now).


No need for the politics here. Thank you


Sorry Ian…


All traffic is being diverted to EHAM.
Extra security measures are taken here as well.
What a world!. :(


@ColonelJeff If you want to continue, please send me a PM.

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I still don’t get why Isis will not attack US or China, the economic superpowers.


Maybe because their army is strong?