Exploring Wine Country, California

Hey IFC! I flew around California’s three regions famous for their vineyards and wine. And in order to catch the beauty of the California Coast, I flew in the F-22 at various altitudes. So here are the pictures I got of each region.

Server: Solo
Aircraft: F-22 Raptor
Regions: Napa/Santa Rosa, Monterey, and Santa Barbara
Flight Time: N/A

Monterey, CA

Napa Valley/Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Which region was your favorite?

  • Monterey Region
  • Napa Valley/Santa Rosa Region
  • Santa Barbara Region

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wine country is awesome

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Yes it is!

Ayyy, I know where that is… I can pretty much see my house from the second Sonoma Valley shot! Love the pics!


I can see my neighborhood from the second shot lmao

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@N2628P and @FlightisticYT thank you! Lol


Literally my favorite spot in the whole country, stunning pictures, well done!!!

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Yes, CA has a lot of different regions that not many know about because of the big hub airports.
And thank you!

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beautiful I love going up in the F22 to get those satelite shots

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Thank you! Yes it is fun to see what you can find