Exploring the World - The Stunning Remote Kerguelen Islands


The Kerguelen Islands are a set of islands located in the Southern Ocean between South Africa and Australia. It’s one of the most remote places on the planet, with the closest significant mass of land being Antarctica 1900 km (1180 miles) which is already really remote, and the next closest populated land is Madagascar and the island of Réunion at 3240 km (2013 miles). The Kerguelen Islands have a permanent population of 50 to 100 people, all French scientists, so visits to that part of the world are very limited, therefore there is no airport there. Despite all of this, the landscape of the islands is impressive, so I decided to take a quick flight on IF to see it, but since the closest true airport is 3300 km on the island of Réunion, it wasn’t going to be quickly done. Thankfully, on IF there’s a closer airport in Antarctica so I took off from there, so with all problems solved, let’s see the pictures! This is one of the places we will probably never see even in a flight simulator because of how remote it is, it took me 1 hour at Mach 1.80 to reach it so enjoy!

Flight Information:

  • Route: AT19-AT19
  • Aircraft: General Dynamics F-16C
  • Flight time: 2 hours and 3 minutes
  • Server: Expert


Image 1: Arriving on the southern coast of the islands with a view of Mount Ross (bottom right)

Image 2: A view from far away of the eastern side of the islands, it looks so different from the rest!

Image 3: The southwest coast of the island is one of my favorite parts with those mountains at the back.

Image 4: Western coast of the island from 15000 feet.

Image 5: Climbing for more amazing views as we see the northern coast.

Image 6: Almost general view of the island from 65000 feet.

Image 7: A better look at the north, east, and tip of the south of the main island.

Image 8: The snowy southwest of the island from a different perspective.

Image 9: A closer look at the eastern side of the island, just so different from the other photos.

Image 10: Finally a classic moonshot as I went back to the runway I took off from.

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Amazing, Might visit this place in the game , looks like some nice scenery

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