Exploring the Rocky Mountains in High Speed @ KASE - 031530ZMAY17

Server: Casual

Region: Denver

Airport: KASE

Time: 1530Z

Aircraft: F22

NOTAM: Come and explore the rockies at high speeds using the raptor. So do you have what it takes to challenge the mountains? We’ll mostly be flying between the mountains at a high speed, low altitude, which will be challenging and adventurous.
Attached is the flight plan for your guidance, but just follow the lead.

So, who’s up for the challenge?

Parking: Terminal Gate 1 - @StarTraveler
Parking: Terminal Gate 2 - @mike_mclain
Parking: Terminal Gate 3 - @Brian8054
Parking: Terminal Gate 4 - @Jet_Airways_995

Come and get your adrenaline pumping!


Count me in please! Flying at Denver is always fun!

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Thank you! Your gate has been assigned!

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I won’t like to join. I love da Rockies. Gate please?

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You would or won’t.?

I presume you would like to come, so i’m assigning you a gate.

I would like to fly,sorry.

I want, Air Force 37

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All right! Gate assigned!

Less then 24 hours to go, sign in now.

2 minutes are left for the event @Brian8054 @startraveler @mike_mclain you can start spawning in now.

Nice event! Thank you all for coming.

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Pardon my crash, I got confused about why you disconnected

Oh it finished? I thought it was at 630gmt

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