Exploring the New ANA 777-300ER + Tokyo Haneda

🌸 Hello everyone! こんにちは!🌸

First I need to thank the Infinite Flight developers because… I don’t even know how to put in words how grateful I am for this update. Everything is just so much better. Thank you!
For today’s trip I did a test flight around the Tokyo Bay and Mt. Fuji for @ANAVirtualGroup. I am very proud to be staff at this wonderful growing VA!
I’ll limit the chatter because I could write a huge page about how thankful I am for this update, but I’ll get straight into the photos. Enjoy!

Zee details

Route: RJTT → Mt. Fuji → RJTT
Aircraft: ANA 77W

None of these photos are edited in any way.


Chilling with @MJP_27, @Stellar_G, @Charlieab29, @Kazuki, and a ton of other pilots checking out the brand-new Tokyo Haneda


Haneda ground crew working hard to service these mighty heavies!


Admiring the gorgeous reflections on Haneda’s International Terminal (soon to be Terminal 3) as we close doors for departure

For these next few shots, I had to change the time (I know, I’m sorry) because I cannot describe how beautiful these clouds look at sunrise!


Blasting off 34L with a semi-visible Mr. 🌕 in the background. Good morning, Tokyo!


Banking over Tokyo Bay


🌅 おはよう, Mt. Fuji! 🗻


Heading west towards the Japanese Alps, the morning fog really showing!


After circling around Mt. Fuji many times admiring its beauty, we ended the day heading back home


Beginning our descent back over Tokyo Bay with a breathtaking sunset off to our left


Back at a night-lit, lively Terminal 3 with a long line of other ANA 77Ws, plus one up front blasting its GE90s off 34L (photo credit: @Kazuki)

Well that’s it! Thank you for checking out these photos, and I hope you enjoyed them! Let me know your favorite below!

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⭐️ See ya! じゃあね!⭐️


Did you want the ANA livery or something?



It’s amazing how much the addition of cirrus clouds add to sunsets. Great pictures!

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lol, with 268 votes, yes.


4 & 9 are… WOAWWWW.

I’m thinking of buying a new device to handle IF perfectly with all settings High to experience this new update with all the good news features!

Congrats for your gorgeous pics ! I’m very envious but I’m gonna wait ^^


That was the joke- 😐

No, I wanted to know what that awful smell on the street was earlier.

Oh it was just pingu’s landing skills 😳

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Those are some really epic shots SB!

I’m sure you must be absolutely stoked to have the ANA 77W now!


Mt. Fuji hits ✨different✨😍

Beautiful shots @GE90

Ran out of likes already 🥲

Thank you @Ecoops123 and @Thunderbolt!

Originally I would have said this was the best part of the update… still a major part to me, but these terminals and clouds are just mind-blowing


I have been summoned

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Nice shots Suba Bala!

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Um what

Sorry… Samosa Biryani

Ok I’ll take that 😂


Can’t wait for the KBFI delivery flight!

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Nice pictures! Love the ANA 77W line up!

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Sb was that you?