Exploring the Emerald City with Drew and Adam @KSEA

Good morning SeaTac!

Another night of a long haul with the boys @Drew @Adam_R The most challenging part of doing a group flight it’s definitely reaching a consensus on the route. After a heated debate, we came to a conclusion of RKSI - KSEA on the Delta A330-900neo. It’s always a pleasure to approach SeaTac from the north and overlook the mountain ranges and water. Below is some highlight of Today’s sunrise approach to SeaTac. We made an unrealistic parallel approach this morning since @Adam is in a rush to do his work, and I was also running late for lunch. Realism police, please forgive us, and I hope you all enjoy the screenshots and my smooth, silky, butter landing, as always.

The Landing

Grabbing coffee at Seattle, See you in the expert sky soon!


Missed TOD and the awesome picture opportunity 🥲😂

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Can’t wait to do it again soon!


Amazing landing. Was the Seattle coffee any good?