Exploring the Channel Islands @ EGJB - 161100ZOCT17

Server: Training

Region: Guernsey

Airport: EGJB

Time: 1100Z

NOTAM: This is an exploration flight around my home island (Guernsey) and the smaller Channel Islands that people may not have heard of. We will take off runway 27 and take a sharp 180 degree turn, climbing to 1500ft, heading to the first island of Herm. After going over Herm will shallots take a small right hand turn to visit the private island of Brechqou and then Sark. To finish we will fly north to land at Alderney airfield EGJA

AIRCRAFT- Cirrus Sr22


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If you do come be prepared for a difficult landing at EGJA. The runway is narrow and there is currently a crosswind of 20kts. Expect to crab a lot. Also parking at Alderney is limited there are grass ga spots

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Hello, I would be very interested, but what speed and formation are we doing and what server? Also, colud you tell me the time zulu?

Thanks a lot,


Sorry just realized the server

Zulu time is 1100Z - its in the title! :)

I will organise another event like this soon just didn’t have enough the first time

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