Exploring Switzerland with SSVA [CANCELLED] @ LSGS - 041630ZMAR18

Server: Training

Region: Swiss Alps

Airport: LSGS

Route: LSGS (Sion) - LSGG (Geneva)

Time: 1630Z (See below for Time conversions)

Time Conversions

ET (Eastern time, New York) - 11:30
PST (Pacific Summer Time, Los Angeles) - 08:30
AEST (Australian Eastern Time) - 03:30

NOTAM: This is a recruitment event for SilverSwiss VA. If you sign up before the event (or as soon as you have finished) then this Flight will count as double hours! (A separate logging form will be made for the event.)

Have you ever wanted to soar above the skies, to be above the glorious Swiss mountaintops? We’ll you’ve come to the right place! For this event, we’ll be setting out from Sion (LSGS) and touring the mighty Swiss Alps, to finally circle back to Geneva and land, soaking up the urban Swiss scenery as well.

If you want to explore a new country with friends, then this event is for you!

Cruising Altitude: FL300
Climb Rate (V/S): 3000ft per min
Descend into LSGG at own Discretion / Upon ATC instruction.

Flight Plan

FPL to copy and paste:

Gates, Aircraft and Callsigns
  • Military Apron West 01 | B737-700BBJ (Livery 3) : (SSA901)

  • Military Apron West 03 | B737-700BBJ (Livery 3) : (SSA902)

  • Military Hangar West 05 | B737-700BBJ (Livery 3) : @Abbasbeloved (SSA727)

  • Military Hangar West 09 | B737-700BBJ (Livery 3) : @CaptainDwyer (SSA904)

  • Military Hangar West 10 | B737-700BBJ (Livery 3) : @Balloonchaser (SSA905)

  • Military Hangar West 12 | B737-700BBJ (Livery 3) : @Cpt.TC (SSA275)

  • Military Hangar West 15 | B737-900 (BBJ3 Livery) : @SlimeFlyer (SSA801)

  • Military Hangar West 16 | B737-900 (BBJ3 Livery) : @Georges180305 (SSA802)

  • Military Apron West 04 | B737-900 (BBJ3 Livery) : (SSA803)

ATC Frequencies

LSGS Ground: @callum5124
LSGS Tower: @callum5124
LSGS Departure:
LSGG Approach:
LSGG Tower: @callum5124
LSGG Ground: @callum5124

Hope to see you flying with us this weekend! And remember - double hours to existing members of SSVA and new recruits for this event!


Imma bump this. We need those gates to be filled!

I’ll join, Can I have any 737-900BBJ hangar please. Thanks

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You’re in! Welcome to the event.

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I have scrambled the gates around a little. Now your wings won’t poke through the other’s fuselage!

I’ve got tower and ground at both ends!

See you there everyone!

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Ok nice! I have put you down.

Really want to fly around the Alps
But the event will be on after midnight (to my local time zone)…
Still struggling if to sign up 🛬😊🛫

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I’ll try to make it!

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Shall I put your name down? If yes, which aircraft would you like?

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I’ll take this one please

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I have signed you up. Welcome to the event! Tell others about it as I want to get as many involved as possible.

Count me in. Requesting an Airbus A319.

P.S. How do I join SSAL? I’ve been looking for an airline like this. :)

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Well guess I’ll take exception for this event (not going to bed on time😆
Request a gate plz

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@CaptainDwyer You can only use the aircraft which are listed on the thread. Also, to join use this link: SilverSwiss VA [NOW HIRING] - #12 by Cpt.TC

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Ooh! Another member :) I’ll PM you.

I’ll put you down for a -700 for now.

Can i please have any boeing 737 900 gate ?

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Sure! Glad this event is being noticed. Will you be joining SSVA as well for double hours?

YES. of course I will.

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