Exploring South America

Hello guys, what’s up? I have a question for you: have you ever flown to South America? Today I’m happy to share with all of you my experience doing one of the most amazing things that can be done in this wonderful simulator that brings us all together as a family.

Firstly I’d like to say that I made a post before where told everything about something I called “Tour across South America”. My objective is inspire people of all places in the world to visit those wonderful countries!

Here you have a link which allow you see all destination I did: Across South America

Now, no more talking and start with the pictures. Enjoy!

➢ Conviasa’s Embraer 190 ➢ On gate SVMI, Caracas-Venezuela.

➢ Lined up and ready for departure from SVMI

➢ Taking Off

➢ Here you have a wing view of the Simon Bolivar International Airport, see you later Venezuela!

➢ How do you know that you are going into Colombia? Just look at those mountains!

➢ Final approach for SKBO- Bogotá, Colombia.

➢ Ladies and gentleman, you are in Bogotá! Don’t move till full stop in the gate.

➢ Parked on the Gate.

➢ Gate view, Avianca’s A330.

➢ Lined up and ready for departure. Destination? This time we’re going to Ecuador.

➢ Taking off from SKBO. Bye bye Colombia!

➢ Somewhere out Colombia

➢ “Passenger, this’s your captain. Enjoy this wing view, we’ll in our destination soon”

➢ Touching down in SEQM, Quito-Ecuador.

➢ Lined up and ready for departure again, this time heading to SPJC.

➢ Bye bye Ecuador!

➢ This’s how Peru looks in the skies!

➢ Welcome to Jorge Chavez International Airport!

➢ Hey everyone, we’re in Lima-Perú!

➢ Take your backpack and snacks! We’re heading to Bolivia!

➢ I loved Perú, but it’s time to say “Goodbye, see you later!”

➢ What do you think about Bolivia views, cool right?

➢ Another view of Bolivia, wait what… Where are we going? To Brazil!!

➢ We got a flight mate!

➢ “Taxi to parking, at your discretion”

➢ Now we are in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, but don’t get relax since we’re going to take off once again.

➢ Lined up, ready for departure. This time heading to Paraguay!

➢ Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful places in the world, you definitely have to visit this!

➢ The unique picture taken above Paraguay, sorry guys…

➢ “This is SKY 1, lining up and wait for departure” Destination: Santiago de Chile.

➢ “Frequency change approved, Good Day!”

➢ This one is definitely one of the most cute pics of ever. Near to Chile guys!

➢ Welcome to Santiago de Chile! Wonderful place!

➢ This is my friend’s landing, he escorted me this time, thank you bro!

➢ Ladies and gentleman we’re in Uruguay, heading to Argentina. The most recently World Cup Winner!

➢ Take off

➢ Just another view

➢ Welcome to Buenos Aires-Argentina.

➢ Parked at SAEZ, Buenos Aires-Argentina

➢ Guys, this one was the last flight of the tour, so we decided to take the F/A-18 to say "Good bye South America, it has been a pleasure to fly through every country!

➢ Daggers 1 and 2 ready for parallel take off, from “SABE” just a Aeropark in Buenos Aires.

➢ Back view.

➢ Heading to SAWH

➢ Yep, that’s how looks the end.

➢ Touching down

➢ Parked on gates.

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Great catches! Love SEQM and SEGU can’t wait them to be 3D

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These are certainly some nice pictures and it’s great to see some under-explored areas of the globe showcased.

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I loved them too! SEQM has one of the most interesting approaches.

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Stunning shots! Very well done ☺️🫡

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For a quick second I thought Tyler posted this. Original profile pics never hurt 😉

Fun shots, I personally recommend less editing though to make them look a little nicer.

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As I see it Infinite Flight doesn’t have the best graphics of ever, that’s why I decided to edit them, however I’ll try to keep your commentary in mind the next time. Thank you for take your time.

I didn’t realize Tyler has the same picture, I just saw this one on Pinterest and I took it, besides the pic doesn’t say “Tyler picture” it’s just IFATC logo

I will delete that one anyway, don’ care about it…

Were you referring to his post? Can’t delete that. Just have to follow the rules

Oh no, I’ll delete the post. It doesn’t make sense. Just wanted to share with the world how beautiful is this side of the world and I’d accept that it goes against the rules of “screenshots” category but that got negative and criticism people. There’s no reason to keep it.

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You 👏 Can’t 👏 Delete 👏 Others 👏 Post 👏

Just follow the guidelines, not that hard :)

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I’ll delete MINE.

just follow the guide lines

Oh, in that case you cannot delete the original post after others replied already, just have to adjust the pics down to 10

💀 pfp impersonation and photo spam is not a good mix……

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My guys from the pm that gets flagged every other day should know better about some of these comments. Smh

Treating people with respect is not hard.