Exploring Peru in 10 replay screenshots



A spontaneous one today, It was my intention to find and discover the mysterious Nazca Lines and surrounding Nazca Desert in Peru, but every time I thought about ending the flight there was more and more to see.

The scenery on the horizon kept changing and before you know it, I found myself touring the length and breadth of the county and it was absolutely one of (if the the best) free trips I’ve ever taken on Infinite Flight. Removing the commercial flying jacket and venturing away from the popular set routes in we know and love was a breath of fresh air.

Getting lost in the deserts and mountains near the west coast, I found myself almost running on fumes at one point and making a few attempts at landing at a random airport nestled in the mountains to find a fuel truck. Looking back at the replay that specific airport was SPZO. A refuel there and it was back out further east away from the dry deserts over the Mashco Piro Reserve that borders Bolivia and Brazil.

Pushing north, reserves and national parks coated the landscape into the Pacaya Samiria. It was then I decided to call it a day. t was great fun out there and absolutely wonderful to to be able to explore the area from the deserts to the forests on the casual server…

Good times.



What plane is that?

It’s the Grumman F14


Hey! Those really are some eye-opening pictures, what altitude were these pictures taken at?

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nice these pictures are really good

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Thanks dude, 42,000 feet was the set altitude.

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