Exploring OMAA in a F-16C

On Sunday I did a flight in the Middle East, I departed at OMAA on the Expert Server with active ATC. I flew around for approximately 2 hours in my F-16C while I was watching a film ( Bohemian Rhapsody, great film I must say ). I don’t usually take pictures but today I felt like taking some and sharing some.

Hope you like them!

  1. Few seconds after takeoff, climbing to FL200.


  1. Moon shot! Personally my favorite out of the bunch I took that day.

  1. Thanks to @AviationJack for the refueling, did a great job.

  1. After refueling, heading back to OMAA

  1. Over Dubai with nice views on the artificial islands.

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Nice captures! 4 and 5 are my favourites but number 5 gets it

i really loved this pictures, good job

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My favorite is photo 3.
You know why😉

Number 1 is my fav!