Exploring new region with new aircraft!

Few days ago I flew out of the busy Cabo Verde and here are a few shots!

Server: Expert
Time: 3h

Shiny 757s loading passengers while an A350 sneaked into the party

Departing the busy Airport! Hard time for IFATCs šŸ˜‚

@AdamCallow spotted mid-flight šŸ˜œ

Cruising above the vast Africa land

Smooth landing with several 757s waiting in line for departure

Two Cabo Verde in one shot! One in šŸ›¬, one out šŸ›«

Which one is your favorite?
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Beautiful shots!

That A350 looks out of place in the first shot. Great shots though! Iā€™m a fan of that editing.

The traffic is great! And nice pictures for sure!

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