Exploring Lesser-Known Countries

The world is full of hidden gems, and your average person has yet to know about most, if not all of them. Around the world, one can find places as beautiful as Hawaii in a place that isn’t Hawaii. You just have to look.

1.) Georgetown, Guyana.

Guyana is a country that not many are aware of in today’s society. Some may recall the People’s Temple cult hosted there 42 years ago. If you look deeper, there’s more to Guyana, with forests, the Demerara River, and a wonderful coastline.

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2.) Libreville, Gabon.

Despite political turmoil and a suffering economy, Gabon is home to some of Africa’s finest national parks, with plenty of savanna, Atlantic coastline, and thick forests. Gabon is also home to the Chaillu Massif mountain range.

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3.) Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Within the Pacific Ocean lies many of the world’s greatest islands. Only 400 miles north of Queensland, Australia lies what some may call the Hawaii of the Southern Hemisphere. With copious coral reefs, mountain ranges, and clear water, Papua New Guinea is a vacationer’s dream getaway.

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I have a Guyana dollor, and I used to play Asphalt 8 when I was younger, and there was a race in guyana for one of the stages, so
i’d sAy iM pRetTy eXPeriENceD.
Jokes aside, those are some cool pics! I live in Georgetown, but not that one.

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