Exploring Indonesia (part 3) in 10 replay screenshots

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Bali to Semarang

Part 3 of my exploration of Indonesia on regional and short haul trips see us flying out of Bali, departing west, on Garuda Indonesia flight GA446. We’re heading to central Java on this regional flight. Again, keeping them all together, parts 1 and 2 are at the bottom of the post.

We’ll take the helm of the trusty 737-8 again (as used for real by Garuda on this flight) and taking it up to 28,000 feet. It’s a bit windy out there today, so we’ll be extra careful on this little regional one as a lot of the flight will be taken up with departure and landing.

All Indonesians on board today, most are making a trip to see family and some are on business trips and a delightful family sat at the front of the economy cabin ins seats 22H, 22J and 22K are flying for the very first time on holiday so I asked the cabin crew to make their short journey a very memorable one. They took lots of photos and we invited them to come into the cockpit and have a look around.

PK-GNV has completed another flight, and at 3 years old it has a whole life ahead of it in the skies, transporting earthlings around this lovely part of the world and the scenery it has to offer.

Departure: WADD (Ngurah Rai International Airport)
Arrival: WAHS (Ahmad Yani International Airport)
Flight time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Server: Expert

Good times

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Wow! Absolutely amazing, the color is so good!


Cheers mun :-)


Absolutly beautiful scenery!

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Cheers mun - there are over 17,000 “islands” that make up Indo, so there’s a lot to see :-)

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Beautiful…just beautiful…

Keep ‘em coming!

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Thanks dude.

The scenery is just stunnung!

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Cheers dude ✈️

Those are amazing pictures!


Probably one of the most amazing sceneries/pictures I’ve seen in quiet a while! Really impressed by the quality of the shots! Thanks for sharing!

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Nice ones! 👍

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Thanks :-)