Exploring Indonesia (part 1) in 10 replay screenshots

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Makassar to Ambon

I will be making a series of regional and short haul flights around Indonesia in Infinite Flight, all of which are operated by Garuda Indonesia for real. It’s an opportunity to have a look at some of the scenery from this lovely part of the world, which holds a personal affiliation as well as I fell in love with Bali itself and the absolutely wonderful nature of the people and the huge amount of stuff that goes on.

Having not explored the Indonesian area for real (other than Bali and lots of areas within) I wanted to do some more adventuring on Infinite Flight and at the same time display some of them on the community as well. Pics taken in flight order, 1 departure and 10 being arrival. No hard editing done, nothing fake added or taken away - only small changes to the lighting and 100% what is available in the snap.

Part one sees us take to the skies in the very versatile Boeing 737-800 out on Garuda flight GA640 from Makassar in the East over to Ambon which is over to the West. There are 5 daily flights on this route, 1 by Garuda Indonesia, 3 by Lion Air and 1 by Citilink, a subsidiary low cost airline by Garuda themselves.

Indonesia itself is the worlds largest “island country” with over 17,000 islands, so at any given time we won’t be far from water or land and will be cruising between the two on these flights. This was a fairly bumpy departure as we climbed out of Makassar over the mountains. Passengers today included a honeymooning couple off for a week to explore Ambon together and stumble on some new beached before returning home on flight GA641 when they finish.

Quick summary:

Departure: WAAA (Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport)
Arrival: WAPP (Pattimura International Airport)
Flight time: 1 hour 28 minutes
Server: Expert

Good times.

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Very nice! My favorite was number 6!

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Cheers mun.

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Awesome shots! Molucca’s scenery is absolutely amazing 😍

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Cheers mate :-)

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