Exploring India!

Hey guys! After yesterday’s post the passenger ended up finishing off his day of traveling in Mumbai! After exploring Mumbai for a day he met up with his friend that currently lives there. His friend had just bought a jet! Check it out. @anon93619452 I’ve got an Xcub photo!

Server: TS
Time: 3 hours combined
Route: India’s West coast and the island of Sri Lanka

Arrived at the airport late at night to check out the jet

After fueling her up and getting all the check lists down, we depart from Mumbai
Did touch and goes at many airports along India’s West coast! Flew along the coast for most of the flight cruising at 24,000
Lucky guy got to sit in the co pilot seat for Sri Lanka mountains coming into view (has a license to fly the Citation X and his PPL)

Short final into Sri Lanka. After landing his friend heads back to Mumbai leaving our passenger here at the airport. What else could he do? Fly an Xcub!
Rented an Xcub for a short 30 minute VFR flight over the mountains! This ends the night and our passenger will stay in Sri Lanka until tomorrow!


@Aviation3 Beautiful photos and a beautiful story … Congratulations my friend 🤠🤟🏼

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Thanks mate!

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