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G’day IFC

Having spent more and more time on the IFC recently, I have noticed that many of you have pure talent when it comes to spotting!

Though this is amazing, editing most of the time is also a key part of making these photos POP.

So I’ve set up this thread with the aim of helping fellow community members touch up on their editing skills and make the most of their fantastic spotting sessions!

I will be the only one managing this thread, on the account I am writing this from.
Your photos won’t be used elsewhere and can be sent in either via PM or drop it into the reply below.

Please also let me know if you plan on using the photo within JetPhotos or alike, as these websites do not accept overly edited photographs sadly.

Some more of my work can be found tagged below!
Enjoy, and if you have any questions with anything I have done to your photos then please do not hesitate to ask!

Additional information:

  • Photos that have been sent in will not be posted and/or used anywhere but here, clearly marked as a reply.

  • Photos must be of moderately high quality

  • Photos must be your own property, taken by you. Theft of images will be reported to moderators.

That's all from me!



wow. all i can say. i have a ups 747-8 i took but is yet to be edited.

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