Exploring an Abandoned Boeing 747

Hi guys,

A video I thought you’d appreciate here. Last week I was given the opportunity to explore an ex-BA Boeing 747 before it gets parted out and scrapped. Here’s the video of the tour including some time spent in the flight deck messing around with a few of the controls.

Hope you enjoy!


That’s cool! Where bouts was this?

This is at Kemble airfield, EGBP. The airport has a great cafe (closed on Mondays) and all the aircraft are readily available to view from the perimeter fence. Understandably access to the aircraft is on an invite-only basis at the moment, but they are prepping G-CIVB in the Negus livery to be opened as an exhibit in the near future.


Looks pretty cool!

I’m in the area for the next couple days, is it an open access thing or possible for someone of the public to go? Looking at tomorrow afternoon if you know the opening times (of course buying a ticket is fine)

Unfortunately it’s on an invite only basis for airline crew who used to work on the aircraft. It’s an active scrappage company that owns the aircraft so they can’t cater to much more than the odd visit when they have the time. Sorry!

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Ah no worries, cool to see you got the chance though!

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Wait…. They aren’t scrapping the negus retro livery, right? I thought the Negus one was supposed to become a museum!

No, Negus is staying. This was G-BYGA.

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It would be really cool and a nice idea to use one of the aircrafts as a cafe!

Really cool topic! I enjoyed seeing what was once the great queen of the skies.

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