Explicit fighter max speeds under ATC

There is no max speed for any fighter anywhere based on a flight level. It is based on areas. It is not ruled vertically in general all over the world. There are many areas all over the world that are specifically for fighters to do high energetic manoeuvre including breaking the barrier of sound. By example the German Airforce does this over the North Sea with its typhoons. Below 1000ft MSL.
Fighters all over Europe fly at what you might call high speeds close to the ground. Even while you can expect Europe to be a congested and high ruled airspace compared to the rest of the world.

While I have an eye on all military movements in IF that I can get aware of my experience is that there a much more unruly commercial pilots then military. I have been taxied thru by a 747 KLM at Nellis, I see civil aircraft at military airports in IF on a regular basis, and the are even not able to make proper pattern callouts.

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You can not compare fighters with a citation. Not in any way.