Explicit fighter max speeds under ATC

I feel like we need explicit rules about what is considered excessive speed under ATC cuz I can’t find official rules anywhere:

  • max speed under 10000
  • max TAS above 10000 (350 makes most sense)
  • max mach number (this is new due to centre)

Additionally I propose that fighter speed restrictions should be lifted above FL430 because the only other plane that go that high is the citation (and how many of those do you see lol)



Most planes do have their own established speed restrictions but for fighters, it is highly stressed that pilots follow fighter etiquette.

Tyler explains this greatly here


But we need an explicit speed limit.
There has been no announcement about what is excessive in cruise mach either (is M.95 excessive for instance cuz that’s faster than citation)

In real life, fighters usually will go really fast but they also are aware of other pilots in the air.

If they are in an ATC controlled airspace and they are excessively speeding and impeding traffic, controllers will most definitely report them

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Fighter can’t go supersonic over land. That’s why I specified M.95 lol

Maybe we need more kinds of ‘special use airspace’ in IF? Possibly MOAs (Military Operations Areas) and/or Warning Areas, where fighters can be free to practice and go supersonic etc, and the MOA/Warning Area could go ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ depending on if there’s a fighter doing maneuvers in there or not.


Maybe you can make a feature request about it or look for an existing one

I was thinking F16 across oceans cuz it does have enough range, but you have to use airliner altitudes

This is not an in app feature… It’s just a explicit rule tthat needs to be stated. An in app feature would be something like requesting clearance to exceed M1.0

Unofficial here, but this is really what I sometimes like to follow.

Somewhere around 260-280 knots tops. like I can understand that people like to go fast but really, it’s kinda the same for all aircraft to go slower under 10K, including fighters. Higher speeds can be tolerated, though, but not always, especially in a busy airspace with active ATC. There also needs to be separation with other aircraft.

Maybe around 400 or something? I don’t know the real conversion speeds for anything over .85 but this seems fast enough. Still, there’s plenty of active airspace around FL100 but I don’t honestly know the fighter side as well.

really, center goes up to FL600 and above, so it’s responsible for each plane within the boundaries of the FIR within said airspace. I don’t know the exact one here, maybe with the same as 10K+?

That’s true but a lot of pilots in app are not on the IFC so only members of the IFC would know that rule then

Serious fighter pilot in IF won‘t go supersonic over land, and they will fly below 250KIAS when in controlled airspace.
For the trolls a specific restriction wouldn’t help, cause they are trolls.
We have all rules that we need.

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Ocean crossings can have center now, and center does go more than 30nm our from shore…
And correction: under 250 under 10000, no one cares if you do 320 above 10000.

Nah, not oceans, MOAs and W-areas come under special use airspace, similar to TFRs.

My question is why? If the plane travels to fast ATC can command them to a certain speed. I don’t see any problem.

Max speed of 400 makes no sense at all, better to just remove the fighters then.


Again, no rule for it in real world, no need to have a rule in IF.
Why shouldn’t you go supersonic in a area that is for supersonic training in real world.
Take it vice versa, we need to enforce special use airspace. It is pretty annoying when you have to stop your BFM cause some stupid commercial or GA pilot didn’t respect your training area airspace.

There are several training areas over land where fighters go low level at high speeds in real world.

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Add max I would say, introduce a request to fly supersonic.

So that would be a feature request 😉

Yeah, I don’t find it that important, but if people find it so important I would do that

That would be a feature request where I would go requesting a negative vote. It is about limiting others with no reason then selfish ones. It is against realism.